Web system development

Miyakubo Giken is not a typical developer who ends up with configuring rady-made framework. We can go further: If feature of a framework fall short of your requirement, I'm willingly find a clue to the solution such as writing plug-ins and Apache or PHP modules and so forth. As for the backend system, which is typically left unrefined, I have know-hows to realize a rubust and operative solutions. Additionally, I always design data model so cautiouslly that customer can utilize the data collected by front-end smoothly on their business.
Aveilable languages are Java, C, C++, Delphi, Perl, PHP, Python .NET. I can learn new language or environment effortlessly.

Windows application development

Windows Application is another field Miyakubo Giken is good at whether it be native or .NET. With help of cross compiler like Kylix, I can develop Linux applications.

System improvement service

If a customer find their system needed to be improved. Miyakubo Giken can assess the state and designate feasable plans to lengthen the life of the system with reasonable cost. For example, database tuning, data model refinement, migration of C/S to WEB system.


2018 02 13     
DesktopCMS debut!